Recap of Building Reconstruction

In April sprinkler system on main floor complete. A partial inspection of plumbing is done. A grease interceptor has been installed. (An underground tank to store used grease ) Plumbing trench is ready for Friday inspection so that Monday they can pour the kitchen floor.
Main floor electrical is complete. HVAC is 90% done.

May . Electrical boxes for switches and plugs and circuit breaker boxes are in place and wiring is mostly done. The patio floor on the south west corner has been leveled with the inside. There will be a large coat room, no more piling coats on tables and chairs.
The cement has been poured inside and the city approved the plumbing permits. It is possible will receive the keys to our new building by July.
This doesn’t mean we will be ready to open. We need to furnish it. We still need tables and chairs. and all the kitchen appliances. If you can help us out please use ‘Go Fund Me’ to make a donation. Search for ‘Sons of Italy Omaha rebuild fund’ Thank you.