Minutes of the 2017 State Convention

( 1) Our 2017 Nebraska State Lodge of the Order of Sons of Italy in America, State Convention opened on June 4, 2017 at 10:00am with a prayer, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, our National Anthem, and the Italian National Anthem.   The meeting was held at St Frances Cabrini Parish Hall.

( 2) President Pruse announced the appointment of the State Election Committee: Charles “Butch Turco” as Committee Chairman with  Ron O’Connor and Rita O’Connor as ballet counters and members of the Committee.

( 3) Rich Megler gave a report on Credentials of the delegates attending.

( 4) Minutes of the last state Convention meeting of June 14, 2015 were read by Recording Secretary Steve LaGreca. Sam DiMauro Motioned to accept minutes as read, seconded by Butch Turco.

President Tom Pruse stated that although this room is nice it is not home.  Thanked all for their participation. We will survive.

( 5) Lodge Officer Reports:

Financial Secretary Rose Carlotto  Reported the totals in the rebuild account as of May 31,  2017 and the Spaghetti Dinner account.

  • Details of this report are attached to these minutes and can be seen upon request.

State Treasurer  Linda Chapman  same totals as January, savings and checking Account. Columbus Day Banquet will be held at St Joseph Villa on October 8

Insurance Oversite Committee: Insurance binders are contracts of temporary insurance which is what we have with Cincinnati Insurance Co.  There is workmans comp, Insusance on the contents of the building, and Liability of $1 mil – 2 mil, and we have builders risk insurance that covers us during construction that stops when we get the keys. Then regular insurance takes over automatically.

Anthony Velasquez reported on the building delay.   Sub Bids are being submitted to the architect.  As soon as the architect receives all sub-bids he will sign off on these and submit them to the city for approval.

George Matuella reported on the Committee for Social Justice.  LB485 to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day is shelved for now.  It will be reintroduced next year.  He thanked Phil Asta, Gene Crisafuli, and Steve LaGreca for their support.

Events:   Sausage sandwiches at St Joseph Villa on August 26, 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

Tentative dates for Christmas Parties are December 12 and Childrens December 16

Old Business:  There was no old business:

New Business:  The orders or decrees of the State Council go into effect immediately upon adoption. All such orders or decrees adopted by the State Council during the interval between State Conventions    shall be submitted to the next State Convention for ratification by the Grand Lodge.

A summary of orders and decrees since our last State Convention in 2015 was handed out and  and announced.   All orders and decrees were ratified.  A motion was made to accept by Charlie Venditte  and seconded by Sam DiMauro. 

President Pruse is going to the National Convention.  He is asking for a partial payment of his expenses.  A motion was made to pay all his expenses.  Motion made by Sam DiMauro an seconded by Sarah Ruma.

( 9) Election of Officers:   Election Committee Chairman, Butch Turco came forward to  begin the election. He called for nominations for each office and a motion and second. The following is a list of our officers for  2017-2019

President                     Tom Pruse                                                                                 
Vice-President           Dan Matuella
Orator                  Joe Mangiamelli 
Recording Secretary      Steve La Greca
Financial Secretary       Rose Carlotto
Treasurer                 Linda Chapman
State Deputy               Rose DiMauro
George Grillo
Sam DiMauro
Mike Fisk
Gary Procopio
Sarah Ruma
Arbitration Committee:
Charlie Vendette
Todd  Procopio
George Matuella
Mike Ferro
Lucia StCyr 
Harvey Palmer

(10) Installation of Officers:   Officers were then installed.

  • Meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm