Friday Night Implementation


First area of concern is to be the development of “Teams”. Each team should consist of no less than five (5) members. 1. Grill cook, 2. Pasta cook, 3. Salad chef, 4. French fry cook, 5. Window attendant.

A target of Five complete and trained “Teams” should be considered, and having several individuals available to on call for fill in for emergency is needed. It is suggested that the chairperson develop a training program to make all members familiar with all duties and procedures so that individuals are flexible within the team.

The chairperson is to see that this committee maintains a consistent recruiting attitude to make sure that all team positions are preserved in a desirable condition.

It is also suggested that the chairperson maintain a duty schedule well in advance and see that each team member receive a copy.


This area responsibility is for the marketing and promotion suggestions, as well as the review of menu items. This committees’ sub mission is also responsible for product quality and consistency as teams change from week to week.

This committee should also present to the assembly any promotions and or marketing ideas that require changes to be voted on.