New Member Dinner

The purpose of this dinner is to welcome any and all new members initiated into the Colombo Lodge during the one years time from our last new member dinner. The new member dinner should be scheduled in mid April.

Members invited to attend are those members inducted into the lodge during the period from April 1 of the past year to March 31 of the current year.

The names of eligible invitees are to be supplied by the Colombo Lodge Recording Secretary.

The planning committee should consider:

  • Setting the time and date.
  • Determining the number of guests
  • Invitation notification
  • Guest sign in log and receptionist
  • Committee members as hosts
  • Menu arrangement
  • Arrange for bartender
  • Arrange for servers
  • Colombo Lodge President welcoming comments
  • Arrange for setup, breakdown and clean up
  • Process review – expenses if any