Website and I.T.

The initial mission of this committee will be assisting the web master in formulating the web page policies, objectives, development, and content of the website

The State Lodge President is the final authority and arbitrator in all matters regarding the content and policies of the website. The position of “Web master” will be appointed by, and answerable to the President of the Colombo Lodge.

The Colombo Lodge has the financial and administrative responsibility for this website.

During the initial development of this website it is suggested that the committee meet at a minimum of one or two times per month. The web master will direct the committees meeting agenda, the committee chairperson will assist in keeping the discussion germane to the subject under consideration.

During the initial set up phase the Web Master and committee chairperson may wish to use the attached “Web Page Discussion” attachment as a outline for initial discussion and set up for subcommittee formation.

This committee will also be responsible for the marketing and promotion of this website.