Santa Lucia Queen

The Santa Lucia Festival Committee is now accepting applications for their 2019 Santa Lucia Festival Queen for girls ages 14-21 that have been baptized Catholic.

$1,000 Scholarship
Royal Photoshoot
Media & Public Appearances

Send email to or visit online for your application at 

Recap of Building Reconstruction

In April sprinkler system on main floor complete. A partial inspection of plumbing is done. A grease interceptor has been installed. (An underground tank to store used grease ) Plumbing trench is ready for Friday inspection so that Monday they can pour the kitchen floor.
Main floor electrical is complete. HVAC is 90% done.

May . Electrical boxes for switches and plugs and circuit breaker boxes are in place and wiring is mostly done. The patio floor on the south west corner has been leveled with the inside. There will be a large coat room, no more piling coats on tables and chairs.
The cement has been poured inside and the city approved the plumbing permits. It is possible will receive the keys to our new building by July.
This doesn’t mean we will be ready to open. We need to furnish it. We still need tables and chairs. and all the kitchen appliances. If you can help us out please use ‘Go Fund Me’ to make a donation. Search for ‘Sons of Italy Omaha rebuild fund’ Thank you.

News on the Mural

The 22 foot mural that was in the hall received some smoke damage. We had it cleaned and spot painted.

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Sons of Italy Hall Rebuild

Good News! The city has approved our permits. Work will begin next week.
Estimated time of completion is June 2018.

Help us Rebuild With a Donation Using “Go Fund Me”

We now have an online site you can donate to. Go to: and search for “Sons of Italy Omaha Rebuild Fund” Click “+Read More”

Rebuilding News!

      It was decided that it would be cost prohibitive to remove the fire damaged building and start over. So there will be removal of the damaged portion of the building and keeping the structurally sound part and rebuild.

      We have selected a contractor to do the work that will begin on April 3rd. They estimate work will be completed by the end of the year. We haven’t set an opening date, but will publish it here. The final product will be a beautiful new Sons of Italy Hall of which both the members and the community will be proud.
Our annual “Spring Fling” dinner will be held at Cacio’s Restaurant On May 20th.


Fire News Release

    On the afternoon of 1/13/2017 a fire suddenly erupted at the Sons of Italy Hall located at 1238 S. 10th St in Omaha, Nebraska. This was a two alarm fire and was rapidly brought under control by the Omaha Fire Department. There was extensive internal damage to the structure which is owned by the State Lodge of Nebraska, the State affiliate of the National Order Sons of Italy in America. The National Order was founded in 1905 and is the oldest and largest fraternal organization that represents the interest of Americans of Italian origin.

    The cause of the fire has been investigated by the Omaha Fire Marshal and the Columbia Insurance Group Investigator. It has been determined that the fire originated in the hall’s kitchen and was caused by spontaneous combustion. This was the result of the buildup of flammable material in the microfibers of the towels that are used for cleanup. There was no evidence of arson or criminal intent. This investigation is now complete and the case is closed.

   The leadership of the State Lodge is uniformly committed to rebuild the Hall at its current location. The rebuild project will be overseen by the State Council which is the governing body of the State Lodge. The State Council consists of the officers that were elected by the membership at its Biennial State Convention. Input will sought by both reconstruction experts and members. The final product will be a beautiful new Sons of Italy Hall of which both the members and the community will be proud.

Fire at our Hall

Dear members and friends of Sons of Italy

On Friday afternoon, the fire at the hall caused
extensive damage to the interior (bar, kitchen,
and storage room, as well as smoke and water
damage of the building.

President Pruse has been notified and is in contact
with the Organizations’ officers.

At this time, we do not know the cause of the fire.

Our insurance company/agent will work with the
insurance adjuster to determine the plan of action.

The building was secured Friday evening, as well as
being winterized to prevent further damage.

The State and Colombo Lodge will provide updates as
they come available.

George V. Grillo


We are now on Facebook

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Member volunteers are needed on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  To help serve or prepare the Thursday dinners.   Just show up at the hall at 10:00 a.m.

Member volunteers are needed on Friday nights to help serve meals.  Please contact George Grillo at  572-0195 or e-mail at   Hours are from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.